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About Custom Bag FAQs

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Of course, Chiterion specializes in oem, odm products for buyers looking for shopping bag manufacturers. Provide us with your requirements and we can present you with your own unique shopping bag.

How long does it take to customize shopping bags? Customized shopping bags are generally made in less than a month. Depending on the production process and the number of customized shopping bags you need to calculate the production time, our sales staff will calculate the production cycle according to your needs when we receive your request number, so that we can know the exact completion time.

Our shopping bags are compliant with sustainability standards. We use organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester fiber and other environmentally friendly materials to make them. Shopping bags are usually made from recyclable materials such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester fibers, etc. These materials can be reprocessed and recycled at recycling centers.

The weight capacity of a shopping bag is related to the material and process. We need to decide the material and process according to the purpose of your customized shopping bag. We have made a special rpet shopping bag for a company, the weight of the bag can reach 90kg, if you have the requirement of weight capacity, you can contact our service team, we will choose the right solution for you.

Depending on the usage scenario of your customized shopping bag, we can make the bag waterproof or dirt-proof. Coating: This is one of the most common waterproofing processes. The surface of the shopping bag can be coated with a polyurethane (PU) coating, a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating or a fluorocarbon coating. This layered material creates a protective film on the surface of the customized shopping bag, which acts as a waterproofing agent. Heat Sealing: In order to prevent water or liquid from escaping from the bag, the seams of the bag are usually sealed using a heat sealing process, which ensures the sealing of the bag. Film Lamination: Usually a polyethylene or polypropylene film is used to cover the surface of the customized shopping bag with a waterproof and dirt-resistant film. Waterproof Zippers: Shopping bags with zippers can use sealed sliders, or special gaskets or embedded rubber to make the bag waterproof and stain-resistant.

We support our customers to choose the color according to the customized shopping bag they need. Pantone Color Card: Pantone is the world's most well-known color matching system, providing a series of specific color standards, including spot color ink formulations and accurate color values, which are widely used in the printing industry. CMYK Color Standard: This is a color standard for the printing industry that uses a mixture of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks to reproduce color. HKS Color Cards: Developed by the German company HKS for printing and graphic design, these are among the most widely used color standards in Germany and Europe. These color card standards are designed to provide a uniform method of describing and representing color, thus ensuring consistent and accurate color reproduction from situation to situation. You can customize the look of your shopping bags by choosing the appropriate standard to ensure the desired color match and accuracy.

As a custom shopping bag manufacturer, Chiterion offers full customization options for our shopping bags. You can send your logo or company information to our sales staff and we will contact our design team to create a rendering for your reference.

Learn more... We offer a wide range of material options for customized shopping bags, including but not limited to: cotton, polyester, nylon, organic cotton, natural cotton, non-woven, washable kraft paper, dupont paper, rpet, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled leather, oxford cloth, and more. You can choose the material of the shopping bag according to your corporate brand image.

The size of the shopping bag can be customized according to the customer's requirements and is usually flexible in terms of length, width and height to meet the customer's needs. Shopping bag manufacturers usually provide templates of different sizes for customers to choose from, or can be customized according to the specific size requirements provided by customers.