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About Custom Bag FAQs

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Yes, Chiterion offers customized cooler bag design service. After communicating with our sales team, our design team will discuss the details of your cooler bag design with you, you can provide the color, material, size, function and printing method to our design team, we will customize it according to your requirements. If you want to know more, please contact our sales team.

Our customization options include but are not limited to: Material options: we have a variety of different materials to choose from, including Oxford cloth, nylon, polyester fiber, etc. Size and Bag Shape: We can make bags in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, and you can click to learn more about ice bag shape options. Printing and Logo: Printing methods include but not limited to heat transfer, embroidered logo, intaglio printing, screen printing, hot stamping, silver stamping and so on. You can choose the appropriate printing method to print your company logo and brand information on the cooler bag. If you are not sure about the printing method, please contact our service team for further information. Fittings and accessories: According to your requirements, we can add various fittings and accessories, such as zippers, bags, straps, etc.

Yes, our design team can design your waterproof cooler bag according to your requirements. Waterproof material: polyurethane coated nylon or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating, these materials can provide waterproof protection to a certain extent. Waterproof treatment: special waterproof coating or film is used on the inner or outer layer. Heat sealing process: Heat sealing or sealing process is used to make the seams of the cooler bag have good waterproof performance. Waterproof zipper: You can choose waterproof zipper or waterproof bag liner to enhance the overall waterproof performance of the cooler bag. You can tell us your specific needs and we will provide you with the most suitable waterproof solution.

Yes, Chiterion can add a variety of additional features to your cooler bag. This includes insulation, liners, hooks, exterior pockets, etc.