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About Custom Bag FAQs

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After sending an RFQ to Chiterion service team, our team will carry out the following steps: Design Confirmation: we will confirm the details of appearance, material, structure, additional accessories, etc. with you. Quotation and contract: After receiving your requirements, we will provide a quotation. Payment of deposit: Payment of deposit according to the contract to start the production. Sampling and Production: We provide sampling service to support customers to receive samples before starting mass production to ensure the product is always in line with your requirements. Final Confirmation and Payment: After completing the production, we will provide the final product photos, and pay the final payment after confirming that there is no mistake. Logistics and Delivery: We arrange logistics services to ensure the safe delivery of your customized bags. 【Click to teach you how to complete the inquiry and get a quote quickly.】

Yes, we support sample order service. You can choose to order samples to confirm the quality of the product and whether the design meets your needs before placing a formal order. Generally speaking, the sample production cycle is within one week.

Once an order is confirmed and a deposit is paid, it cannot be canceled or modified. Please review all details carefully before confirming your order to ensure your needs are met.

Yes, once the contract has been signed and started, our service team will continue to update the production as well as logistics updates, through which you can keep track of the production and logistics process of your order through our service team.

Our customization time is usually within 3-4 weeks to complete the production. The exact completion time depends on the customized quantity, design complexity, scarcity of materials and other factors. Our team will service your order as soon as it is confirmed and communicate with you in a timely manner about the production progress.

Yes, we accept international orders. We have rich experience in international logistics and can deliver the products to your designated location safely and quickly.

Yes, there is a starting quantity limit for all customized orders, the exact quantity will depend on the type of bag and the complexity of the design. We can accept inquiries for a minimum of 100 pieces, please contact our sales team for details.

We offer a variety of printing methods, including but not limited to: Heat Transfer Printing: For colorful patterns and intricate designs. Silk Screen Printing: Affordable and suitable for simple patterns and text. Digital Printing: Highly personalized for complex patterns and gradient colors. In addition, we also offer digital inkjet printing, screen printing and other printing methods for you to choose from. We will give you the most appropriate printing suggestions for your patterns.

Consider the following factors when choosing a printing method: Design Complexity: Complex designs are suitable for thermal transfer or digital printing. Cost Budget: Screen printing is usually more affordable. Customized quantity: Screen printing is suitable for mass production, while heat transfer or digital printing can be considered for small quantities.

Yes, we support the combination of multiple printing methods to achieve richer and unique design effects.

Yes, we use high quality printing materials and techniques to ensure that the printed designs have good durability under normal usage conditions.

The plates opened for screen printing will be discarded after retaining them for about six months. It is not recommended to use the plates beyond the retention time, as it will cause deviation in printing effect and affect the finished products.