Rolling Cooler Bag

Rolling Cooler Bag : Stylish and portable, injecting coolness into your outdoor life

The rolling cooler bag is inspired by trolley suitcases. This portable cooler bag is equipped with durable wheels and retractable handles, ensuring you can easily move it anywhere. For picnics, outdoor family dinners, camping trips, beach outings, and any other outdoor gathering, this rolling cooler bag with both a removable trolley handle and room for mobile insulation is ideal. The exterior of the rolling cooler bag can be made of durable and waterproof material to provide more protection for your outdoor trips. The sealed zipper closure prevents the inflow of outside air from causing an internal temperature imbalance and compromising the internal insulation environment. The versatile design of the rolling cooler bag allows you to experience the perfect blend of convenience, durability and cooling efficiency.

Product Features and Benefits

1. Customization Options

Rolling Cooler Bags support personalization. The customized rolling cooler bag can be printed with personalized logos, designs or logos of companies, businesses and personal brands, making this cooler bag an excellent promotional item or unique gift for special occasions, or as a corporate giveaway. Not only can it increase brand awareness, but also leave a good impression in the minds of consumers.

2. Large storage capacity

The biggest benefit of rolling cooler bags is the large internal space capacity, which allows you to carry a variety of items. Items ranging from canned beverages, beer, lunches, barbecue materials, fruits, steaks, pizzas to snacks can easily fit into the cooler bag, providing ample storage space while meeting all your insulation needs.

3. Durable construction

The rolling cooler bag supports the use of waterproof materials to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor environments, including rain, snow, and water dripping in. Durable materials such as abrasion-resistant nylon, high-density Oxford cloth and high-strength polyester fiber can be used to ensure that the cooler bag is durable and protected from the elements.

4. Efficient insulation performance

One of the most important items when customizing a cooler bag is the insulation effect. The choice of insulation material is crucial for the cooler bag, we choose high-density insulation foam for heat preservation, so that perishable food and beverages can be at a low temperature for a long time. Whether in hot summer or cold winter, you can enjoy refreshing drinks and warm food in outdoor environment.

5. Easy to carry

The best feature of the Rolling Cooler Bag is the removable trolley bar, telescopic handle and sturdy wheels to ensure effortless transportation. Our rolling cooler bag can also be designed with an additional shoulder strap, which improves the rolling cooler bag according to the user's needs, saying goodbye to heavy carrying and making outdoor trips more relaxing. The detachable trolley bar increases the storage performance of the cooler bag, so it doesn't need to take up too much space and can be put into the car.

6. Multi-functional

Whether you are going camping, family dinner, beach outing, picnic, shopping at the supermarket, or spending a day at the park, the rolling cooler bag is the best choice for users. The cooler is highly adaptable to different environments, and the multiple pockets and insulation ensure that the contents are neatly organized. Bottle openers, cutlery, napkins, spice bottles and other accessories all fit neatly inside the cooler.

User Testimonials and Feedback














"This refrigerated backpack is really my savior! Food stays fresh all the time during summer picnics and it's easy to carry."

-- Satisfied Outdoor Enthusiast


Buying Guide and Recommendations

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Check out our buying guide to learn how to pick the best refrigerated backpack for your needs. Consider capacity, features, and appearance to ensure you're satisfied with your shopping experience.


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Comparison table

Feature Rolling Cooler Bag Cooler Bag

Facilitation Committee-FAL

Equipped with wheels and a stowable handle for easy portability Typically hand-carried or over-the-shoulder design

Custom options

Personalization options available with logo, design or brand message Personalization options available with logo, design or brand message
Insulation technology Advanced insulation technology to keep the temperature low for a long time Advanced insulation technology to keep the temperature low for a long time
Capacity Spacious interior for a wide range of items General storage space for basic beverages and food items
Durable construction Durable and waterproof material that stands up to outdoor use Material can be customized for light outdoor use
Applicable Suitable for outdoor activities, picnics, parties and many other occasions Suitable for daily use, shopping or short trips
External appearance Stylish design and rich color choices More variety of bag shapes and color choices
Multi-functional  Multiple pockets and large capacity compartments for easy organization of items Simple design or can be customized with multiple compartments and pockets
Price Multiple pockets and large capacity compartments for easy organization of items Prices are usually more affordable for general needs




















Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Cooler Backpack suitable for regular picnics?

A: Yes, the design of the reefer backpack makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities including picnics, camping and parties.

Q: How do I clean and care for my reefer backpack?

A: We provide detailed cleaning and maintenance recommendations to ensure that your cooler backpack is always clean and in good condition.


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