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Welcome to chiterion's range of promotional cooler bags, ideal for your branding. We offer you cost effective, innovative and high performance promotional cooler bags. The well-designed promotional cooler bags are made of high quality polyester fibre and high-density pearl cotton, making this cooler backpack provide users with excellent insulation and heat retention, helping companies and branded businesses to stand out during promotional events.

Promotional Cooler Bags are cost-effective cooler bags designed specifically for brand promotions.

Product Features and Benefits

1. Customisation Options

Every brand and business has its own unique image, so we offer a diverse range of customisation options. In addition to customised colours and sizes, we support customisation of materials and printing methods. We use eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable materials that are in line with a company's focus on the environment and commitment to sustainability. We have recycled non-woven fabric, recycled cotton, recycled pp, recycled polyester for you to choose from, and other materials such as oxford cloth, cotton, cotton linen, washed kraft paper, dupont paper, pu, cowhide, etc. for you to choose from.

We offer a variety of printing methods, including but not limited to:

Heat Transfer Printing: For colourful patterns and intricate designs.

Silk Screen Printing: Affordable and suitable for simple patterns and text.

Digital Printing: Highly personalised for complex patterns and gradient colours.

We also offer digital inkjet printing, screen printing and other printing methods for you to choose from. Please contact our service team, we will give you the most appropriate printing suggestion for your pattern.

2. 16 Years Manufacturing Experience

With sixteen years of experience in manufacturing custom insulated bags, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise. We have passed the Sedex-4p audit and ISO9001:2023 quality management factory audit certification, which guarantees that the quality of our products meets international standards. We have a professional quality control team and a strong technical research and development team to ensure that our products meet all industrial standards.

3.Production capacity

Our more than 2,000 square metres of production workshops and more than 1,200 production workers ensure delivery time for large volume orders.

4. Insulation function of reefer bags

Promotional reefer bags do not reduce the insulation effect just because the price is lower than the high-end reefer bags. Promotional reefer bags also adopt multi-layer insulation structure, including inner layer, insulating layer and outer layer, which effectively isolate the outside temperature and ensure the long-lasting insulation effect. Our reinforced zips, closures and seams of the reefer bags ensure that the inside of the bag is sealed against outside air, further improving the insulation performance.

Testimonials and feedback

Our promotional cooler bags from Chiterion are chosen by more than 86 retailers of renowned brands who have established successful partnerships with us. According to our customer satisfaction survey, 95% of our customers are satisfied with our promotional cooler bags. With superior performance and stylish appearance, the product is ideal for enhancing brand image.

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Buying Guide and Recommendation

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the customisation options for promotional cooler bags?

We offer a wide range of customisation options, including for materials, colours, printing, logos, zips, etc. You can choose the most suitable customisation option according to your business needs. You can choose the most suitable customisation option according to your business needs.

2.Does the quote for custom cooler bags include customisation costs?

Yes. Our prices will include customisation costs and all costs will be indicated in the quotation. We are committed to providing our customers with transparent, affordable solutions with no additional hidden costs.

3.How do the promotional cooler bags perform?

Our promotional cooler bags are made from high quality insulation to ensure that food and drinks are kept at the ideal temperature for the contents in any environment.

4. What are the application scenarios for this promotional cooler bag?

The promotional cooler bags are cost-effective.

Event giveaways: can be used as promotional giveaways in all kinds of corporate or brand events, carrying brand logos or promotional messages to increase the attractiveness of the event.

Exhibition gifts: can be used as product displays or giveaways at exhibitions, attracting visitors to provide exposure for the brand.

Business gifts: can be used as business gifts to customers or partners, temporarily the company's concern for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Whether for internal use or as a gift for external publicity, promotional reefer bags can play a role in a variety of activities, providing favourable publicity for the company.

5. Can I use the Cooler Backpack for branding purposes in a business setting?

Yes, of course! We support logo and logotype customisation, making the Cooler Backpack not only a useful outdoor companion, but also a mobile platform for your brand communication. Contact our customer service team for more details on customisation.

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