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Welcome to our Cooler Backpack page, the ideal companion for outdoor activities, whether it's a picnic, hiking, fishing or family barbecue. This is our customized cooler backpack specially designed for outdoor activities. The well-designed Cooler Backpack is made of high-quality polyester fiber and high-density pearl cotton, which makes this cooler backpack provide users with excellent insulation and heat retention, making it easier and more enjoyable for users during outdoor activities.

Category Overview

The Cooler Backpack is one of our backpacks designed for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring an ergonomic two-shoulder design that lightens your load so you can carry what you need with ease. The large capacity and versatile design of the Cooler Backpack can make it ideal for a variety of application scenarios.

Product features and advantages

1. Material and Construction

Our Cooler Backpack is made of polyester fiber material on the outside and high density pearl cotton material on the inside plus a waterproof lining, which is not only durable, but also effective in insulating the outside temperature to ensure that the contents of the cooler backpack can maintain the ideal temperature. These are just some of the common materials used in the production of cooler backpacks, but we accept customization requests from our customers and will design and produce a unique cooler backpack according to your requirements.

Ergonomic design

As a cooler backpack manufacturer with 16 years of experience, Chiterion understands that comfort is of utmost importance to the user. That's why we've taken a normal handheld cooler bag and made it into a backpack design that ensures the load is evenly distributed across both shoulders, taking the pressure off your shoulders and back. Even if you carry it for a long time, you can feel the ultimate comfort in the outdoor environment.

2. Customized widgets

Customizability: In order to cater to the personalized needs of our customers, we are equipped with customizable widgets, which you can adjust according to the actual needs of the backpack ice packs you need to customize. From material, color, lining, pattern, printing method, production process, etc., it will be up to you to inform our service team to customize the unique cooler backpack.

Trademark and Logo Customization: We understand that branding is important to you, so we offer trademark and logo customization. Choosing the right location for logo printing on the body of the bag will enable users to carry the Cooler Backpack with your logo on it for promotion and increase the impact of your brand.

3. Cold and heat retention

Holding Time: Stop worrying about the freshness of your food! Our Cooler Backpack can stay cold for up to 6-12 hours, whether you are camping or having a picnic outdoors.

All-around Insulation and Keeping Warm: Backpack cooler are not only suitable for keeping cold only, but also for keeping hot. While keeping drinks cold outdoors on summer days, our backpack ice packs can also keep you warm on cold winter days. Use the Cooler Backpack for insulation to make sure your food and beverages stay warm and flavorful in freezing weather.

4. Large Capacity Design

Plenty of Storage Space: The Cooler Backpack features a spacious main compartment for storing food, beverages and other essentials. Multiple pouches and compartments allow you to organize your belongings in an organized manner.

Smart Divider Design: Items of different temperatures can be cleverly separated to ensure that hot and cold items don't interfere with each other, providing a better experience. [Insert high quality product image and demo video].

User Reviews and Feedback


Our customers say

1. Linda, outdoor enthusiast

"The Cooler Backpack is a lifesaver! I can't go camping or to an outdoor party without it. The insulation is beyond my expectation and the shoulder design is so sweet that I don't have to worry about the discomfort of carrying it for a long time."

2. Tom, Picnic Pro

"This Cooler Backpack is definitely a must-have for picnics! I love its large capacity design, which can easily fit our family's lunch. Moreover, it performs quite well both in terms of refrigeration and insulation. Recommended for all outdoor lovers!"

3. Emily, Brand Manager

"Our company hosted an outdoor event for our employees and chose the Custom Cooler Backpack as a gift. Everyone loved the look and practicality of it. The company Logo is clearly visible and gives us great brand exposure."

4. Michael, Avid Angler

"The Cooler Backpack is a must-have for every fishing trip I take. Not only does it hold enough drinks and food, but the insulation is excellent. Even on hot summer days, my drinks remain cool."


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