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Welcome to the Chitrion Case Studies page. You can get an in-depth understanding of our company based on some of the great cases we have produced in the past.

Chiterion has created different types of bags such as business backpacks, reusable shopping bags, lunch bags, insulated backpacks, cosmetic bags and promotional ice bags for various famous brands. Every case and bag product produced from our factory carries our relentless pursuit of quality, quality, design and functionality. Each case is the result of our close cooperation with our customers. Through these cases, they represent our professional ability and innovative thinking in bag design and production process when working with our customers. Through understanding the successful cases we have worked with major brands and the successful products we have created with our clients, we hope to show you our passion for bag design and production.

Whether you are looking for a bag partner or interested in bag design, we hope that these cases can bring you inspiration and enlightenment, and look forward to exploring more wonderful bag design with you.

Scope of Services

Our services cover the entire design and production process of bags, including but not limited to:

Creative design: We have a design team full of passion and creativity. Through in-depth understanding of customer needs and market trends, we provide personalized design solutions for each project. To create both brand characteristics and practical bags for customers.

Material Selection: We have our own fabric company to provide customers with the best quality raw materials. The choice of material directly affects the quality, durability, practicality and aesthetics of the product, because we will choose the right material for the company according to the corporate image and customer needs.

Production process: We have more than two hundred production lines with advanced production technology and technical equipment. Strong production capacity ensures accurate production and efficient production of products, ensuring that the products delivered to our clients meet the highest standards.

International Transportation: We also provide worldwide international transportation services to ensure that our products are easily accessible to our customers worldwide. We have international logistics partners who have been working with us for twenty years to safely deliver Chiterion's carefully designed and crafted luggage products to you. Enjoy the convenience of working with Chitrion without worrying about logistics.

Chiterion & Hey Circle - A Case Study on Reusable Transportation Packaging Collaboration

Chiterion & Hey Circle - A Case Study on Reusable Transportation Packaging Collaboration

Grocery Bag for Censosud - Chiterion

Grocery Bag for Censosud - Chiterion